Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty is a documentary film by photojournalist Catherine Bauknight that explores the culture of the Native Hawaiians and their connection to the land. At the forefront of the film are social, economic, and ecological issues that have developed in Hawaii since the takeover by the U.S. in 1893, revealed in interviews with grassroots indigenous people and scholars such as author, Haunani-Kay Trask. The documentary goal is to raise awareness of the issues faced by the Native Hawaiians, which threatens their ancient and environmentally sustainable culture. Bauknight hopes to bring this film to the world stage by theatrical release, screenings at international film festivals, and television programming.


A Voice For Sovereignty

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"It is about time we had a serious documentary dealing with the exploitation of Hawaiian People and their culture." - Robert Scheer, Author


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"There are terrible truths America is just now beginning to understand about the forces of greed, deception and power. This is a beautiful film about a living Hawaiian people fully present with Aloha Spirit and Warrior Wisdom. A  story, long overlooked, told in native voice that will open the hearts and minds of the world." 

- Jay April, CEO and President for the State of Hawaii's, Akaku: Maui Community Television

“Catherine Bauknight has beautifully captured a timeless moment in the unending struggle of the Hawaiian people to restore their Sovereign Nation. Hawaii - A Voice for Sovereignty is a thought-provoking documentary that respectfully canvasses their journey, hopes and dreams."

- Kris Kristofferson

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The film is a part of the permanent collection of National Library of New Zealand and Kamehameha High School, Maui, HI.


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