Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty Laemmle screening press release

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Sacred Forest

Photo by Catherine Bauknight

“Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty”

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Photo by Catherine Bauknight

“Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty” film release

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“Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty” Laemmle Screening invite

March 31, 2012


A Voice For Sovereignty

Actor Al Harrington and awarded Ambassador to Maui says
" Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty, the documentary, is like having Queen Liliuokalani re-appearing in Washington, D.C. in 2009 with all her thousands of people that signed the petitions protesting the overthrow of their monarchy and the proposed 1898 annexation. I can hear them shouting to the U.S. congress, "we are still here asking and hoping for justice and equity and he also adds“Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty allows the grassroots people of the "host culture" of Hawaii to express their need for acknowledgment and respect for their contribution in making Hawaii what it is today and what it can be tomorrow. Imua Hawaii Imua. We the people of the 'host culture' are still here ''

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